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Star Trek Locations: Regions and Bodies

Agrit Mot Nebula, Delta Quadrant
B'Omar space
Alpha Quadrant
Alawanir Nebula
Amargosa Diaspora Cluster
Amatha Sector, Cardassian Space
Andromeda Galaxy
Arachnid Nebula
Over 8 billion km diameter
Over 20 million cubic meters of disodium
Traces of ethylchlorate
Archanis Sector
Primarily Cardassian space
Argolis Cluster
Six systems
Protostar cluster
Intense internal gravimetric sheer
Lies between Betazed and Cardassian/Dominion space
Argosian Sector
Argus Sector
Azure Nebula, Alpha quadrant
Near Klingon space
Class 11 nebula: primarily oxygen/argon, with traces of thetazenon, flourine, and sirillium
Bajor Sector
  • ST:DS9 TM
"The Barrens"
No star system within 100 ly
A subspace node: a bubble of curved space-time
Beloti Sector
Bentadi Expanse
Beta Capricus
Actually an EM echo of a distant galaxy
Beta Quadrant
Betreka Nebula
Site of "incident" between Cardassians and Klingons, which lasted 18 years
Black Cluster, Sector 97
Bolian Sector
Region between Klingon Empire and Orion Syndicate
Borgolis Nebula
Borias Cluster
Brechtian Cluster
"Briar Patch"
Chamra Vortex, Gamma Quadrant
Chaotic Space, Delta Quadrant
Intersects with normal space at the "eighteenth dimentional gradient"
Entered via "trimetric fracture"
Colondra Sector
Rendezvous site for General Martok's squadron
Over three hours away from Trelka V
Crab Nebula
Delphic Expanse
2000 ly across
About 3 months away from Earth at Warp 5
Surrounded by thermobaric clouds
Over 400 years in the future: 50,000 ly diameter
Cloud barrier and expanse presumed collapsed
Delta Quadrant
Deltived Asteroid Belt
Demilitarized Zone DMZ
Between Federation and Cardassian space
Denkiri Arm, Gamma Quadrant
Denorios Belt
Charged plasma field
Site of "interesting comet"
Dichromic Nebula, Dorias Cluster
3 ly from unnamed pulsar
Dolmine Sector, Delta Quadrant
Site of first Talaxian assimilation by the Borg
Dorias Cluster
At least twenty star systems
Dorvan Sector, DMZ
Epsilon IX Sector
Fledka Asteroid Belt
Fluidic Space
New dimension
Home of Borg designated Species 8472
Galactic Cluster Eight Borg designation
Site of Borg designated Species 5973
[as told by Neelix]
Galaxy M33
Gamma 7 Sector
Gamma Trianguli Sector
Sector name from teleplay and visible on computer display
Gamma Quadrant
Gan Sector, Spatial Grid 6920 Borg designation
Gariman Sector
Giles Belt
Glaceen Sector
Grid 295, Delta Quadrant
Presumed a search grid only
Grid 310, Delta Quadrant
Presumed a search grid only
Grid 8, Alpha Quadrant
Located in Sector 39542
Grid 898, Delta Quadrant
Grid 936, Delta Quadrant
Hanoli Rift, Hanoli
Hekaras Corridor
Helaspont Nebula
Helix Nebula
Planetary nebula
  • VOY:Mosaic
Hovarian Cluster
Hugora Nebula
Federation space
Near DMZ
Horadin Sector
Hromi Cluster
Hyralan Sector
Igo Sector
Ikalian Asteroid Belt
Jenkata Nebula, Gamma Quadrant
Kaleb Sector
Kar-telos Asteroid Belt, Kar-telos, Gamma Quadrant
Karaya Sector
Kataba Expanse
Kavis Alpha Sector
Kepla Sector
Dominion held
Klach D'kel Brakt
Soong nickname of "Briar Patch"
Region flooded with radiation from supernova remnants
At least two habitable planets
Klingon Neutral Zone
Lagana Sector
Lantar Nebula
Lantaro Sector
Impossible to maintain a stable warp field
Subspace ruptures extend throughout the sector
Lantooan Sector, Alpha Quadrant
Lembatta Cluster
Lonka Cluster
Lorenze Cluster
McAllister C-5 Nebula
11 ly from Minos Korva
Mekorda Sector
MacPherson Nebula
Supernova remnant
Mar Oscura Nebula
Marrab Sector
Mempa Sector
Merkoria Quazar
Mobius Inversion, Delta Quadrant
Small wormhole
Part of the Antarian Trans-Stellar Rally
Level 6 suspace distortions, gravimetric shears
Morgana Quadrant
Murasaki 312
Murasaki Quasar
Mutara Nebula
Mutara Sector
Star cluster
Nekrit Expanse, Delta Quadrant
Neutral Zone
Neutronic Wave Front, Delta Quadrant
Class 9
Borg Classification 3472: particle density anomoly
Ngame Nebula
"Northwest Passage", Delta Quadrant
Corridor of unoccupied Borg space
Obatta Cluster, Gamma Quadrant
Neighbour to Kendi and Teplan systems
Omarion Nebula, Gamma Quadrant
Omega Sector
Onias Sector Near Romulan Neutral Zone
Ontasa Expanse
Oort Cloud, Bryma System
Orassin Distortion Fields, Delphic Expanse
Orpisae Nebula
Outer Cometary Cloud
Paulson Nebula
Pederis Sector, Delta Quadrant
Location of comet
Pelloris Asteroid Field
Phoenix Cluster
Phyecus Sector
Pleiades Cluster
Quad L-14
Quadrant 9
Quadrant 448
Quadrant 904
Rhomboid Dronegar Sector
"The Rift"
Heavy radiation
Presumed between Sol and Romulus, between Sector 1045 and Romulus
Rolor Nebula
Must be avoided enroute from DS9 to Dreon VII
Romulan Neutral Zone
Rutharian Sector
Sector 001
Sector 3-0
Sector 3-1
Sector 5
Sector 23
Sector 39J
Sector 63
Sector 97
Sector 396
Sector 401
Sector 441
Sector 492, Delta Quadrant
Sector 507
Sector 549
Sector 1045
Presumed between Sol and Romulus
Sector 1156
Over two sectors away from Darcaya System
Sector 1385, Alpha Quadrant
Romulan space
Sector 1607
Sector 2520
Sector 3556, Delta Quadrant
Sector 3641
Location of Suliban homeworld
Sector 9569
Sector 19658
Sector 21305
Sector 21459
Sector 21503
Sector 21505
Sector 21527
Sector 21749
Near Cardassian space
  • VOY:Pathways
Sector 21947
Sector 22309
  • VOY:Mosaic
Sector 37628
Sector 39542, Alpha Quadrant
Selcundi Drema Sector
Five systems
Selebi Asteroid Belt, Sector 396
Septimus Minor
Solarian Sector
Spatial Grid 94 Borg designation
Spatial Grid 005 Borg designation
Primary species: Zahl
Spatial Grid 091 Borg designation
Spatial Grid 326 Borg designation
Spatial Grid 362 Borg designation
Spatial Grid 532 Borg designation
System containing four planets
Spatial Grid 649 Borg designation
Spatial Grid 982 Borg designation
Spatial Grid 6920 Borg designation
Sylleran Rift
Taborn Nebula
Talos Star Group
  • TOS "The Cage"
Tekara Sector, Delta Quadrant
Just outside the Alpha Quadrant
Site of a temporal inversion
Teleris Cluster
Tenarus Cluster, Delta Quadrant
Terikov Belt
Some M class planetoids
Planetoid belt in the Badlands
Discovered by Yuri Terikov
  • VOY:Pathways
Tongbeek Nebula
Transwarp Hub
Within nebula
One of six with endpoints in all four quadrants
Destroyed by USS Voyager
Trige Sector
  • VOY:Pathways
Typhon Expanse
Typhon Sector
Unicomplex, Delta Quadrant
Borg "home world"
Trillions of lifeforms
Thousands of integrated structures
Vascan Sector, Delta Quadrant
Vega-Omicron Sector
"The Void"
53 days in: no star systems with 2500 ly and two years to cross
Heavy concentrations of theta radiation due to dumping of Malon antimatter waste
"The Void"
Torus encased by an inert layer of subspace
Outer circumference of 9 ly
Periodic funnels reach into normal space
Volon Colonies, DMZ
Vodrey Nebula
Volterra Nebula
Zed Lapis Sector
Zeta Gelis Cluster

<Unnamed> Wormhole
One unstable apeture
<Unnamed> Region, Galactic Rim
600 light years beyond DS7
  • VOY:Mosaic
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
Planetary nebula
  • VOY:Mosaic
<Unnamed> Asteroid belt, Vega system
  • VOY:Pathways
<Unnamed> Asteroid belt, Gamma Quadrant
Located in an uncharted binary system
<Unnamed> Nebula, DMZ
<Unnamed> Type 4 quantum singularity, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Nebula, Amleth System
Emission nebula
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
Class 17 nebula: primarily hydrogen/helium, with traces of sirillium [7000 ppm]
<Unnamed> Nebula, Gamma Quadrant
<Unnamed> Nebula, Gamma Quadrant
Dark matter
Deep in Dominion space
<Unnamed> Binary pulsar, Delta Quadrant
High gamma radiation levels
Event horizon at 50 million kilometers
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
Class 9
Corrosive gas
<Unnamed> Comet, Delta Quadrant
"Component 37329"
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
Class 1
High concentration of proto-matter
<Unnamed> Anomoly, Gamma Quadrant
Subspace compression phenomenon
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
Mutara Class
Slight radioactive field
110 ly thick [travel time: one month], presumably over twelve times as wide [travel time: over one year]
<Unnamed> Proto-nebula, Delta Quadrant
Newly formed
Borg designated location Unimatrix 325, Grid 006
<Unnamed> Nebula, "Briar Patch"
Contains pockets of unstable metreon gas
<Unnamed> Nebula
Mutara Class
<Unnamed> Wormhole, Delta Quadrant
Interspatial flexure with one unstable apeture
<Unnamed> Anomoly, Delta Quadrant
"Subspace sandbar"
Location where the barrier between subspace and normal space is unstable
Subspace distortions drain energy and gravimetric forces immobilize vessels
<Unnamed> Proto-nebula, Alpha Quadrant
Extremely dense
Encountered by USS Al-Batani
<Unnamed> Distortion, Delta Quadrant
"Sinkhole" that is out of phase with normal space, approximately 600 meters in diameter, and some 50,000 ly from Sol
Circumscribes a subspace zone that includes a Type-G sun and three planets
Temporal differential of 0.4744 seconds per minute
Now collapsed
<Unnamed> Anomoly, Delta Quadrant
Originally presented as a wormhole to Sector 001
Actually a bioplasmic organism possessing telepathic abilities
Over 2000 kilometers in diameter
At least 2,000,000 years old
<Unnamed> Asteroid field
Containing dilithium deposits
Located somewhere across the Neutral Zone from Federation space
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
Mutara type
High particle density
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
Class 3
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Cluster, Delta Quadrant
Class Y
<Unnamed> Nebula, Epsilon Four
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
T Class
Hydrogen, helium, argon
1000 km diameter
<Unnamed> Particle fountain, Delta Quadrant Borg designated Spatial Grid 867
<Unnamed> Graviton ellipse, Delta Quadrant
Borg designation Spatial Anomoly 521
Level 9 gravimetric distortions
30 million terajoules of subspace energy
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
Class K
<Unnamed> Pulsar, Alpha Quadrant
Class B Itinerant
<Unnamed> Micro-nebula, Delta Quadrant
Approximately 1.6 ly from Pendari System
On the verge of collapse
<Unnamed> Cluster, Delta Quadrant
Class T
<Unnamed> Region, Delta Quadrant
Contains subspace vacuoles at 70% density
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
Class J
<Unnamed> Plasma drift, Delta Quadrant
Near Talaxia
[as told by Neelix]
<Unnamed> Meteorite cluster, Delta Quadrant
[as told by Neelix]
<Unnamed> Colony, Delta Quadrant
Destroyed by Borg cube
<Unnamed> Nebula, Sector 549, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Asteroid field, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Comet, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Gas giant, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Twin pulsar, Delta Quadrant
Part of the Antarian Trans-Stellar Rally
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
Class J with ionized gas
1.2 million km from Antarian Trans-Stellar Rally finish
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Comet, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Pulsar cluster, Delta Quadrant
Named "The Window of Dreams"
<Unnamed> Chrono-anomoly, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Asteroid field, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
Mutara Class
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Nebula
"Stellar nursery"
<Unnamed> Nebula
<Unnamed> Trinary cluster
As viewed from unnamed planet
Reference point in locating Sol: "just to the left"
<Unnamed> Comet
"Archer's comet" (?)
Contains rare "Eisilium"
<Unnamed> Planetary nebula
Historical reference
<Unnamed> Dark matter nebula
Historical reference
<Unnamed> Supernova remnant
J'ral Class
<Unnamed> Neutron star
Cluster of three
<Unnamed> Stellar nursery
<Unnamed> Asteroid field
Two primaries, seventeen planetesimals
<Unnamed> Nebula
<Unnamed> Cluster
Blue giant cluster
Number of planets, none inhabited
<Unnamed> Black hole
Class 4
Part of a trinary star system
<Unnamed> Neutronic storm
Class 5
Moving at high warp, presumably under warp 7
Spans 6 ly
Saturated with radiolitic isotopes
Encountered some 100 ly from Earth
<Unnamed> Neutronic storm
Class 5
A century earlier
<Unnamed> Neutronic storm
Class 3
<Unnamed> Dark matter nebula
Nearly 10 Million km diameter
Possible name at discovery: Robinson Nebula
<Unnamed> Asteroid/spatial anomaly field, Delphic Expanse
High concentrations of trillium ore
<Unnamed> Transdimensional Convergence, Delphic Expanse
Presumed collapsed
<Unnamed> Transdimensional Convergence, Delphic Expanse
Two weeks to bypass
Transit time across: less than one hour at warp 4; four days at impulse
Presumed collapsed
<Unnamed> Cometary Dust Cloud, Delphic Expanse
Diamagnetic field
"3 days away" from present position at sublight speed
<Unnamed> Nebula, Delphic Expanse
Less than 1/2 ly from sphere; contains subspace corridor
<Unnamed> Spatial Anomaly Field, Delphic Expanse
Tightly clustered around "Sphere 41"
Collapsed with "Sphere 41" implosion
<Unnamed> Transdimensional Convergence, Delphic Expanse
Created by "Sphere 41"
Expanded by 100,000km since detected
Collapsed with "Sphere 41" implosion
<Unnamed> Nebula
Heavy particle flux
<Unnamed> Nebula