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About the STArchive

The STArchive is home to the (infamous?) Ships and Locations lists, both of which are frequently posted to USENET and archived at rtfm.mit.edu and its mirrors.

The site was created to offer not only my two lists but a few other technical FAQs as well. In the past, files kept here had been authored by others who had no web or FTP space of their own. Many of these files migrated back to their owners as they got online and, ironically, some were lost over time. Rather than dispose of the files, the plain-text content will continue to be offered via the FTP side of the archive in the hopes that someone will find them useful.

The STArchive is also more relevant than it was in the past. Statistics showed that my above two lists had, by far, the most accessed content here and so changes to the site reflect that.

Lastly, every effort has been made to comply with the W3C's HTML and CSS specifications to provide valid, interoperable content to all visitors, regardless of OS or browser.

Thanks for dropping by.

D. Joseph Creighton <Joe_Creighton@UManitoba.CA>