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Star Trek Locations: Others

Abbadon's Repository of Lost Treasures
Junk yard
62 ships
Aerowath Colony
Akritirian Maximum Security Detention Facility
Amargosa Observatory, Amargosa
Destroyed by star collapse
Antares Fleet Yards, Antares IV
Site of Advanced Starship Design Bureau Integration Facility
  • ST:DS9 TM
Arctic Circle, Earth
Argus Array
Deep space telescope
Arkaria Base
Benecia Colony, Beta Aurigae
Berkshires, Berkshire County, Massachusetts, USA
Bersallis III Outpost, Bersallis
Federation outpost
Destroyed by firestorm
Bikini Atoll, Earth
Botany Bay Penal Colony
Bryma Colony, Bryma, DMZ
Camp Khitomer
Near Romulan border
Cardassia Prime Orbital Three Assembly Facility, Cardassia Prime
  • ST:DS9 TM
Carl Sagan Memorial Station, Mars
"Catapult", Delta Quadrant
Space station
Cold Station 12
Top secret medical research station
a.k.a. C-12
Jointly run by Starfleet-Denobulans
Embedded in an asteroid within asteroid field
Colony Beta Six
Comm Station Epsilon 9
Destroyed by V'ger
Communication Relay Station 47
Near Klingon border
Communication Relay Station 194
Corvat Colony
Crasnar Outpost
Massacred by Talarian forces
Darmok Colony, Melindy VII
Darwin Station, Gagaran
Deep Space Three Station
Deep Space Four Station
Deep Space Five Station
Regula 1 type
Deep Space Seven Station
  • VOY:Mosaic
Deep Space Nine Station
Cardassian name: Terok Nor
Commander Benjamin Lafayette Sisko
Captain Sisko as of Stardate 48960.9
DS9 - All
Middle name identified in
Detention Complex 26
Internment camp
Several ly from a referenced moon
Devore Detection Array
Dominion Shipyard
Destroyed by solar flare
Earth Colony II Research Station
Earth Station Babruisk
Earth Station McKinley
Site of Advanced Starship Design Bureau Integration Facility
  • ST:DS9 TM
Elumsbur Detention Center, Bajor
Empok Nor, Treva System
Cardassian station abandoned one year ago
Deep Space Nine design
Within 3 ly of Deep Space Nine; "deep inside Dominion space"
Earth Colony II Research Station
Experimental Colony, Gamma Hydra IV
Farpoint Station, Deneb IV
Fastbase Starbase Earhart
Federation Penal Settlement, New Zealand
Feloris Colony
"The Forge", Vulcan
Electrical sandstorms, geomagnetic instabilities, dampening field extends a few hundred meters above the ground
Fort Knox, Earth
Became a museum in the 21st century
"Fortress of Doom", Planet X
Home to Dr. Chaotica
Gallitep Labour Camp
Gamma Seven Outpost, near DMZ
Garan Mining Colony, Delta Quadrant
Gima IV Colony, Gima IV
Gorlan Station
Mirror universe: 13 January 2155
Hailium Experimental Station
Hanolin Colony
Hirogen Training Outpost
Iadara Colony
Parallel universe
Internment Camp 371, Orbital Asteroid, Gamma Quadrant
Refitted altritium mine
Jupiter Outpost Nine-Two
Jupiter Station
Site of Emergency Medical Hologram design
Kaybin district, <Unnamed city>, Denobula
Khitomer Outpost
Klingon Outpost, Narendra III
Laizon II Labour Camp
Lithium Cracking Station, Delta Vega
Ledos Port
Orbiting Ledosian homeworld
Lunar One Colony, Luna
Lya Station Alpha Orbital
Lysian Central Command
15,311 people
Maldorian Station, Delta Quadrant
Manzar Colony, Gorin II
Markonian Outpost, Delta Quadrant
Mars Defence Perimeter
Mars Station
Martian Colony
McKinley Rocket Base, Earth
Midas Array, Alpha Quadrant
Mikhal Traveller's Outpost, Delta Quadrant
At least three moons
Milona IV Colony
Mimas Station, Mimas, moon of Saturn
Minorah Shipyards
Mission District, San Francisco, Earth
Mittern Station
  • VOY:Mosaic
Klingon listening post
MS One Colony
N'Vak Colony
Klingon base
Approximately five days away from Qu'Vat Colony
Destroyed by Klingon fleet
Navigation Control Post 24
Cardassian outpost
New Berlin Colony, Luna
Lunar location given
Site predates Terra Nova expedition
New Paris Colony, Makus III
New Providence Colony, Juri IV
Nibarin Colonies
Norcan Outpost
Norpin Colony, Norpin IV
Norpin Colony, Norpin V
Oakland Shipyards, California, Earth
Olympus Mons, Mars
  • VOY:Mosaic
Orpheus Mining Facility, Luna
"Captain" John Frederick Paxton
Main structure launched into space
Outpost 06
Outpost 23
Location Top Secret
Outpost 47, Amatha Sector
Cardassian outpost
Destroyed by Maquis
Outpost 61, Amatha Sector
Cardassian outpost
Destroyed by Maquis
Outpost MZ 5
Outpost Seran T-1
Outpost Terra 9
Paralex Colony, Sherlaya VI
Pellios Station
Pentarus Station
Of the famous "Battle of Prexnak"
10 Ferengi slaughtered by 273 Lytations
Proxima Colony
Proxima Maintenance Yards
Admiral Drasman
Q'o'noS Orbital Factory Base, Q'o'nos
  • ST:DS9 TM
Qu'Vat Colony
Klingon base
Site of genetic research facility
Approximately five days away from N'Vak Colony
Relageth Refugee Camp, Bajor
Research Station 75
Remmler Array
Rigel Colony, Rigel
Rigelian Trade Complex, Rigel X
Rog Prison
Rura Penthe
Dilithium mine and penal asteroid
Sanctuary District A, San Francisco, Earth
Science Station 402, Kilarn
Science Station Delta 05
Science Station Tango Sierra
Singa Refugee Camp, Bajor
Site of internment of the Kira family
Solarion IV Colony
Spacedock, Earth
Site of Advanced Starship Design Bureau Integration Section
  • ST:DS9 TM
Space Station K7
Space Station Regula 1, Regula
Starbase, Hottar II
Starbase 2
Starbase 4
Starbase 6
Starbase 9
Starbase 10
Starbase 11
Commodore Stone
Starbase 23
Starbase 24
Starbase 35 Sierra
Starbase 41
Starbase 47
Starbase 53
High security prison facilities
Starbase 55
Starbase 63
Starbase 67
Starbase 73
Starbase 74, Tasus III
Starbase 82
Starbase 83
Starbase 84
Starbase 87
Starbase 105
Starbase 112
Starbase 123
Starbase 129
Starbase 133
Orbital, Earth
Starbase 134 Integration Facility, Rigel VI
Site of Advanced Starship Design Bureau Integration Section
  • ST:DS9 TM
Starbase 137
Site of Cadet Benjamin Sisko's field study
Starbase 152
Starbase 153
Starbase 157
Starbase 173
Starbase 179
Starbase 185
Starbase 200
Starbase 211
Starbase 214
Starbase 218
Starbase 219
Starbase 220
Starbase 231
Starbase 227
Admiral Jakotay
Starbase 234
Starbase 247
Admiral Riker
25 yrs after Stardate 47988
Starbase 257
Similar to Regula 1 type
Attacked by a wing of Jem'Hadar fighters
Starbase 260
Starbase 295
Starbase 301
Starbase 310
Starbase 313
Starbase 324
Starbase 328
Starbase 336
Starbase 343
Starbase 371
Starbase 375, Bajor Sector
Admiral Ross
Similar to Regula 1 type
  • ST:DS9 TM
Starbase 401
Starbase 410
Starbase 416
Starbase 440
Starbase 495
Starbase 514
Starbase 515
Starbase 621
Starbase 718
Starbase G-6, Quadra Sigma III
Starbase Lyra 3
Starbase Montgommery
Starfleet base, Cestus III
Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco, Earth
Star Station India
Station Lya 4
Station Negala 4
Station Salem 1
Surplus Depot Z-1-5, Qualar II
Subspace Relay AR-554
Near Starbase 375
T'Karath Sanctuary, Vulcan
Located at northeast border of The Forge
Destroyed by orbital bombardment
Tanika IV Research Station
Telsian Mining Colong
Terenko Colony
Terra Nova Colony
Established over 70 years prior
Terra Sphere 8, Delta Quadrant
"Commander" Boothby
Starfleet Command recreation for Species 8472
Tevak Shipyard
Sabotaged by Cardassian Resistance
Trading outpost on fourth planet in binary system
Tyran Partical Fountain, Tyra VII A
Unicomplex, Delta Quadrant
Properly named this episode
Presumed destroyed by neuralitic pathogen
Utopia Colony, Mars
Utopia Planetia, Mars Station
Site of Advanced Starship Design Bureau Integration Facility
  • ST:DS9 TM
Site predates Terra Nova expidition
Vega Colony
On a cargo route with Draylax
"A long way behind"
Destroyed by Xindi probe
Over "several months" after new timeline formation
Velos VII Internment Camp
Closed Stardate 46302
Verteron Array, Mars
Redirects comets to impact with Mars for terraforming project
Volnar Colony
Warp Five Complex, Earth
Dedicated 32 years ago: 2119
West Point, New York
MACO training site (circa 2154)
Yaderan Colony, Yadera Prime
Yosemite II Research Post, Earth
Orbital station
Destroyed by Dolim's ship

<Unnamed> Spacedock
Orbiting Qo'noS
  • VOY:Pathways
<Unnamed> Federation outpost, Calder II
<Unnamed> Klingon outpost, Maranga IV
<Unnamed> Romulan outpost
<Unnamed> Terraforming stations, Venus
<Unnamed> Cardassian outpost, Korma
Destroyed by Klingon Bird of Prey
<Unnamed> Cardassian station, Amleth Prime
<Unnamed> Cardassian base, fourth moon of Rakkal
<Unnamed> Vidiian colony
<Unnamed> Trading station, Delta Quadrant
On edge of Nekrit Expanse
Station Manager Berat
<Unnamed> Nebula maintenance station, Delta Quadrant
<Unnamed> Station
Regula 1 type
Eddington's prison
<Unnamed> Ketracel white storage facility, Asteroidal
Cardassian Space
Destroyed by sabotage
<Unnamed> Sensor array, Argolis Cluster
Cardassian Space
Presumed destroyed by USS Defiant
<Unnamed> Kazon colony, Gan Sector
<Unnamed> Starbase
Presumed Starbase 375
<Unnamed> Orbital drydock
Presumed in orbit of Bajor
Destroyed by Bajoran resistance one month into Gul Dukat's command
<Unnamed> Communication relay node, Delta Quadrant
Destroyed by quantum singularity
<Unnamed> Classified research center
Site of Omega molecule experiment and accident
Subspace ruptures extend out for ly
<Unnamed> Trading colony
<Unnamed> Supply depot, Borias Cluster
<Unnamed> Cardassian repair facility, Kelvas
<Unnamed> Station, Spatial Grid 216
<Unnamed> Colony, Sector 492
Talaxian colony
<Unnamed> Spacedock
Earth orbital
<Unnamed> Aggregate station
Comprised of hundreds of long and small ships
<Unnamed> Veridium isotope mine
<Unnamed> Base
<Unnamed> Colony
Destroyed by atmospheric firestorm
<Unnamed> Repair station
Perhaps over 130 ly from Earth
Severely damaged by warp plasma explosions
Presume self-repaired
<Unnamed> Dilithium facility
<Unnamed> Port, <Unnamed> Planet, Pernaia
<Unnamed> Prison camp, <Unnamed> Planet
<Unnamed> Locale, Earth(?
Long range transport test site, 2146
<Unnamed> Dilithium mines, Remus
<Unnamed> Spacedock, Earth
<Unnamed> Station, Canamar
Orbital processing station for penal colony
<Unnamed> Launch facility, Earth
Site of Warp 3 prototype testing using mag-lev(? acceleration/launch ramp
<Unnamed> Space station
<Unnamed> Xindi colony, Delphic Expanse
<Unnamed> Insectoid-Xindi prison colony, Delphic Expanse
Simulation backstory
<Unnamed> Xindi Weapons Facility, Azati Prime
<Unnamed> Reptilian-Xindi lunar outpost, Delphic Expanse
Destroyed by Enterprise
<Unnamed> Orbital Platform, Earth [ multiple ]
<Unnamed> Tholian shipyard facility
Mirror universe: 13 January 2155
Destroyed by USS Defiant
<Unnamed> Trading Post, Rigel X