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No news is good news.

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News at The STArchive

5 May 2022
I will not be making updates for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, my new favorite series! It's a good time to be a Star Trek fan.
28 Oct 2021
I will not be making updates for Star Trek: Prodigy but I still hope you kids enjoy it.
06 Aug 2020
I will not be making updates for Star Trek: Lower Decks even though I love the show to bits :)
23 Jan 2020
I will not be making updates for Star Trek: Picard. I will be watching the hell out of it, though :)
22 Aug 2018
The STArchive is on a brand new web server with the same old content!
24 Sep 2017
I will not be making updates for Star Trek: Discovery. Live long and prosper.
8 Sep 2016
Star Trek debuted 50 years ago today. Wowsers.
4 Nov 2015
There will be a new Star Trek series debuting in Jan 2017. The docs I personally maintain on this site (Ships and Locations) will not be updated because others on the net are doing fine work of recording such things and I'm getting too old for this Trek.
9 Sep 2015
This site has been here for over 20 years. I wish it would get a job.
8 Sep 2014
Star Trek debuted 48 years ago today.
28 Sep 2012
Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted 25 years ago today. Feel old yet?
8 Sep 2012
To celebrate the airing of the first episode of Star Trek this day in 1966, Google's latest doodle offers a nice tribute to the series.
19 Jan 2012
Access counters are fixed. Now the numbers will start rollin' in!
19 Dec 2011
Access counters are (still) failing due to host migration. I'll try to sort that out sometime.
28 Sep 2010
Star Trek: The Next Generation premiers on NBC television today, back in 1987 today. Happy Anniversary to everyone in the franchise.
1 Jan 2010
Wow. 15 years on the web. I'm so old...
11 May 2009
Star Trek (The Alternate Timeline) was released and the numbers on the site spiked accordingly.
8 Feb 2008
Star Trek XI will now be released in just fifteen months! Keep holding your breath...
15 Jan 2008
Star Trek XI will be released in just eleven months! Hold your collective breaths, now...
13 Jan 2008
The STArchive poll is closed due to excessive spamming and a general lack of real interest. Thanks for your votes.
26 Sep 2007
Star Trek: The Next Generation is officially 20 years old.
8 Sep 2006
Star Trek turned 40 years old this day, airing "The Man Trap" on NBC.
12 May 2006
It begins again...

According to a startrek.com news item dated 21 Apr 2006, J.J. Abrams will produce and direct an as-yet unnamed "Star Trek XI" for release in 2008.

In this month's poll I ask, "What do you think?"

13 May 2005
In a blatent attempt to generate traffic, I am now offering a poll which will pose a new question every month (coinciding with the posting of my Ships and Locations lists). Feel free to not only give your opinion but suggest a new poll for the future, too.
2 Feb 2005
"...this will be the final season of Star Trek: Enterprise on UPN. The series finale will air on Friday, May 13, 2005." (Source: startrek.com)
3 Jan 2005
Ex Astris Scientia claims this site is a classic and I am a legend...

The STArchive is dedicated to provide the most accurate and most reliable information about all ships and all places ever mentioned in Star Trek. Further features include a well-researched history of the vessels named Enterprise. The site also hosts an FTP archive with various concise reference guides every fan should have. After many years with the same interface the site has recently been upgraded to a dynamic concept that facilitates navigation and improves the overall appearance. The revisions being rather subtle, it is pleasant to see how the new STArchive continues to defy showy web design fashions. The STArchive has recently celebrated its tenth anniversary on the web, it is still *the* classic reference site nearly every other Trek webmaster, including myself, has been borrowing from. I thought this would be a fine opportunity to thank its webmaster D. Joseph Creighton for his tireless work. The EAE Award goes to the STArchive, a living legend in the Trek online community!

It delivers heavy-looking award but no cake. I am still grateful.
1 Jan 2005
And so begins another year of hope...
The STArchive celebrates its tenth year(!) on the web with a new domain name and a new look.

Dynamic. Streamlined. HTML and CSS validated. All of this should make my maintenance of the site easier. Hopefully, they'll make your visits more enjoyable, too.

1 Sep 2004
For the morbidly curious (and to save you from trudging through the old news)...

The Star Trek Archive was started in early 1990 and was simply an FTP host for posted USENET articles. It still remains in use.

The web site proper was introduced September 2 1994.

The Okudagram console was first established in 1995 as a means of offering a simplistic GUI interface. Other than the logo change in 1998, the site had kept this look for nearly a decade. It was "spiffy" for its time, relying on an Apache server-side imagemap modification to allow for clickable regions and then adopting a client-side imagemap in 1998 using the <map> tag.

As of today, that splash page image has finally been retired.


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