Thanks from The STArchive

Thanks are due. They always are in a venture this extensive.

So, although I can't mention every person who has taken the time to inform me of some missed reference, spelling mistake, or oversight, I do attempt to reply individualy to everyone about their concerns. I hope that such replies are indicative of my gratitude.

And, as always, I appreciate your comments -- honest.

Of those I can mention, I'd like to thank (in order of appearance)...

  • My wife, for being incredibly patient with me over the years.
  • Michael Rawdon, for being the first person - that I know of - to maintain a list of ships on rec.arts.startrek, the primary Star Trek newsgroup before the big split in '91. After viewing every episode and compiling the data (I had a lot of time on my hands back then), I shared this all with Michael to help in his efforts. Eventually, I created my own ship list and shamelessly "borrowed" from his example.
  • Dean McNeill, the administrator of the server, for allowing me the space and cgi-bin/ access to do "spiffy" things like fill-out forms and image maps.
  • Andrew Tong, for his help and code samples as I began to create my own site and for creating the first HTML version of my Locations list.
  • Joshua Bell, for helping me compile all of the ship images that are used here. His great ASCII drawings show that he, too, has far too much time on his hands.
  • Curt Danhauser for his drafted and colourized profiles of starship classes in the HTML version of my Expanded ship list that were not available through other references.
  • Didith Rodrigo and Bong Olpoc, two systems administrators out of Manila University in the Philippines, for providing the first mirror site for this archive. It didn't last long but it was apparently well received.
  • Guy Jonatschick, the new administrator of the server, for allowing me the all the things Dean did, plus dealing with 10% more pestering!
  • Joe Reiss, for his very annoying^w helpful notes to me on things like HTML, streamlining, and such. Most recently, for this site's second incarnation, he aided and abetted in my efforts to make things dynamic with Perl by offering a few neurons and critiquing the site's design and efficiency when it wasn't wanted. His assistance has helped me keep this site up to its very high standards.
  • David Henderson, for noticing many of my speeling errors and typos, for helping me make up the client-side imagemap and the first Perl version of my search script, and for the Mosaic and Pathways references. See?frames/ Laziness does indeed pay off.
  • Brian Barjenbruch, for his efforts in providing information from many of the very small console displays seen in various films. He is probably the envy of many Star Trek fans with his laserdisk system and large screen television.
  • Tom Dubinski and Gilbert Detillieux, administrators of the www.cs server, for allowing me to move my stuff here and, more recently, for the virtual domain name. Such generosity is very deserving of some pie. Mmmm... Pie...
  • Phillip Thorne "of southeast Pennsylvania," for his technical overviews of the Enterprise series. His transcripts of the proper names of various ships and locations from closed captioning before I was able to decode such signals allowed me to avoid the ambiguity that comes with making phonetic attempts.
I'd also like to express my appreciation to...
  • Mike Okuda, Scenic Art Supervisor and Technical Consultant for Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager, for a big ego boost. Mike asked to use my Star Trek Ships FAQ as a resource reference in the compilation of the Star Trek OMNIPEDIA CD-ROM and -- with its demise -- the updated version of the Encyclopedia. If you consult the credits on either of them, you will find my name listed -- including the pretentious first initial.
  • Andrew Probert, for granting permission for me to use his (and Rick Sternbach's) creation on the splash page for my Expanded ship list: the painting of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701-D.
  • Rick Sternbach and David Stipes for their e-mail to me and comments in Usenet which clarify some of the class types appearing in Star Trek: First Contact and various "fleet/mob shots" in televised episodes.
  • Larry Nemecek for e-mailing clarifications of various ship types to me, and for his comments in Usenet as well.
  • Morris Jones, Sub-Editor at the magazine Internet Australasia, for giving me a little splash of fame "down under". After chosing my site as a "must see" for Star Trek, I was asked to answer a few questions on this Internet related phenomenon. My comments and this site's URL appear in the April '95 issue's feature article "Star Trek and the Internet."
  • The editors of the book NETtrek - Your Guide to Trek Life in Cyberspace, for including my site and work in a number of categories throughout its pages. More importantly, however: they gave my site some of that coveted cover space.