The STArchive Privacy Statement

The STArchive does not collect nor does it request any personal information and, by inference, no personal information is shared with other parties.

Non-personal information is collected by the Apache server hosting The STArchvie such as IP address, browser type, page requested, and the date and time of each request. At times, the logs of these requests are examined to locate problems and improve service.

The STArchive does not create cookies on your machine and does not track or investigate your particular usage of this site's content.

The STArchive's Monthly Poll only collects information about the machine where the vote originated (specifically, REMOTE_ADDR or the IP address), which is already known to the Apache server, in order to minimize duplicate votes; naturally, there are ways around this but I would encourage you not to exploit them. Information collected by the poll is only used locally and is not shared with other parties. Each time a new poll is released, previously collected information is destroyed.