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The STArchive Search Results

Locations is current up to and including ENT "These Are the Voyages..."

The search on "nova" produced the following results:

Star Trek Locations: Regions and Bodies

Klach D'kel Brakt
Soong nickname of "Briar Patch"
Region flooded with radiation from supernova remnants
At least two habitable planets
MacPherson Nebula
Supernova remnant
<Unnamed> Supernova remnant
J'ral Class

Star Trek Locations: Solar Systems

Beta Niobe
Went nova
Six planets
Star went nova 1000 yrs ago
<Unnamed> Hypergiant
Nearly one billion km circumference
Due to go supernova in 100-200 years

Star Trek Locations: Planets and Moons

Phlox's homeworld
Clarified as Denoblian homeworld
Name revealed
Phlox's homeworld
Clarified as Denoblian homeworld
Name revealed
Sarpeidon, Beta Niobe
Destroyed in sun nova
<Unnamed> Planet
Novan homeworld; "Earth-like... less than 20 ly from Earth"
Asteroidal impact 500 km north of Terra Nova Colony 70 years ago increased beresium ore-generated radiation to lethal levels
Present day levels less than 800 millirads

Star Trek Locations: Others

New Berlin Colony, Luna
Lunar location given
Site predates Terra Nova expedition
Terra Nova Colony
Established over 70 years prior
Utopia Planetia, Mars Station
Site of Advanced Starship Design Bureau Integration Facility
  • ST:DS9 TM
Site predates Terra Nova expidition

Star Trek Locations: Object Classes

J'ral Class
* Remnant
ENT "Civilization"

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