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The STArchive Search Results

Ships and Locations are current up to and including ENT "These Are the Voyages..."

The search on "NX-" produced the following results:

Star Trek Ships: Expanded - UFP: Starfleet and Prehistory

Ambassador Class (TNG Technical Manual)

USS Ambassador
  • TNG Technical Manual (Not explicitly named in this reference)

Bradbury Class (ST Encyclopedia)

USS Bradbury
  • ST Encyclopedia

Constellation Class

USS Constellation
(identified by Enterprise displays)
(second ship with this name)
  • ST Encyclopedia 2

Danube Class Runabout (ST Encyclopedia)

[ Rollbar ]
USS Danube
  • ST:DS9 TM

Defiant Class (Sternbach, D. Stipes)

USS Defiant
Escort vessel/Warship prototype
Thrown some 200 years into the past after encountering Gaian barrier
Crash landed after escape attempt (alternate future)
Captured by Jem'Hadar
First Kudak'Etan
Recaptured by USS Defiant crew
Heavily damaged and abandoned in Chin'Toka System
Destroyed by the Breen
USS Defiant
Renamed from USS Sao Paulo
(registry visually identified this episode)

Excelsior Class (ST Encyclopedia)

USS Excelsior
Transwarp prototype
Captain Styles
Presumably retrofitted from transwarp drive
Captain Hikaru Sulu

Galaxy Class

USS Galaxy
  • TNG Technical Manual
  • D. Stipes
(part of Star Fleet Battle Group Omega)
(identified by on-screen visual)

NX Class

ISS Avenger
Mirror universe
Terran Empire ship
Admiral Black
"Captain" Soval
Destroyed by USS Defiant
Launch date: some 14 months from Apr 2153
(name revealed)
Captain Erika Hernandez
Launch date: approximately one week after 27 Nov 2154
Captain Jonathan Archer
Launch date: Apr 2151
Sub-Commander T'Pol (temporary)
Identified as NX Class starship
Sub-Commander T'Pol
Captured by Suliban
Abandoned and retaken by Enterprise crew
Captain T'Pol (field commission)
"weeks later" after new timeline formation
Captain Charles Tucker III
Three years after new timeline formation
Destroyed by subspace implosion of reactor
Twelve years after new timeline formation
Taken by D'Jamat
Surrendered to Archer
Taken by Insectoid-Xindi and destroyed by spatial charges (simulation backstory)
Acting Captain T'Pol (temporary)
Captain T'Pol
Disabled by Xindi
Acting Captain T'Pol
Feb 14 2152
Lost in alternate timeline (circa 1944)
Disabled by hijacked Klingon Bird of Prey
Shortly after 17 May 2154
Disabled by Orion privateer
Shortly after 27 Dec 2154
Decommissioned after ten years of service
Thrown 11.6 ly and 117 years into the past via subspace corridor
Generational ship
Commander Lorian Tripp
Presumed destroyed by Kovaalans or lost in temporal paradox

Prometheus Class (VOY)

[ Schema ]
USS Prometheus
(Interior console monitors display NX-74913)
Multi-vector assault prototype
Captured by Romulans
Commander Rekar
Recaptured by Federation forces

Yellowstone Class Runabout

identical in appearance to Danube Class Runabout
USS Yellowstone
  • ST Encyclopedia 2
Alternate reality prototype
Tetryon-plasma warp nacelles
Destroyed in warp core breach

Star Trek Ships: Expanded - Others

Ships By Name

"USS Dauntless"
"Launch date 51472 (3 months ago)"
Particle synthesized alien (Borg designated Species 116) ship
Captain Arturis
Quantum slipstream drive
Assimilated by the Borg

Star Trek Ships: Expanded - Prefixes

Federation Experimental, Starfleet
USS Excelsior, NX-2000
"Star Trek III: The Search for Spock"

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