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The STArchive Search Results

Ships and Locations are current up to and including ENT "These Are the Voyages..."

The search on ""Zero Hour"" produced the following results:

Star Trek Ships: Expanded - UFP: Starfleet and Prehistory

NX Class

Captain Jonathan Archer
Launch date: Apr 2151
Sub-Commander T'Pol (temporary)
Identified as NX Class starship
Sub-Commander T'Pol
Captured by Suliban
Abandoned and retaken by Enterprise crew
Captain T'Pol (field commission)
"weeks later" after new timeline formation
Captain Charles Tucker III
Three years after new timeline formation
Destroyed by subspace implosion of reactor
Twelve years after new timeline formation
Taken by D'Jamat
Surrendered to Archer
Taken by Insectoid-Xindi and destroyed by spatial charges (simulation backstory)
Acting Captain T'Pol (temporary)
Captain T'Pol
Disabled by Xindi
Acting Captain T'Pol
Feb 14 2152
Lost in alternate timeline (circa 1944)
Disabled by hijacked Klingon Bird of Prey
Shortly after 17 May 2154
Disabled by Orion privateer
Shortly after 27 Dec 2154
Decommissioned after ten years of service

Star Trek Ships: Expanded - Xindi


Aquatic Cruiser


Reptilian Ship
"Captain" Dolim
Destroyed by Kumari

Star Trek Locations: Regions and Bodies

Delphic Expanse
2000 ly across
About 3 months away from Earth at Warp 5
Surrounded by thermobaric clouds
Over 400 years in the future: 50,000 ly diameter
Cloud barrier and expanse presumed collapsed
<Unnamed> Transdimensional Convergence, Delphic Expanse
Presumed collapsed
<Unnamed> Transdimensional Convergence, Delphic Expanse
Two weeks to bypass
Transit time across: less than one hour at warp 4; four days at impulse
Presumed collapsed
<Unnamed> Spatial Anomaly Field, Delphic Expanse
Tightly clustered around "Sphere 41"
Collapsed with "Sphere 41" implosion
<Unnamed> Transdimensional Convergence, Delphic Expanse
Created by "Sphere 41"
Expanded by 100,000km since detected
Collapsed with "Sphere 41" implosion

Star Trek Locations: Planets and Moons

"Sphere 41", Delphic Expanse
Source of anomaly pulse
Imploded by Enterprise
<Unnamed> Sphere, Delphic Expanse
Osaarian pirate base; ~19km diameter
Concealed by cloaking field; ~1000 years old
Emits massive amounts of gravimetric energy
Imploded by chain reaction
<Unnamed> Sphere, Delphic Expanse
Mapped as "north-east" of first sphere
One of at least 50
Imploded by chain reaction
<Unnamed> Sphere, Delphic Expanse
Third found
Imploded by chain reaction
<Unnamed> Sphere, Delphic Expanse
One of at least 78, by Xindi count; connected by subspace energy grid; nearly a dozen ly from council world; 3 days away via subspace corridor)
Imploded by chain reaction
<Unnamed> Sphere, Delphic Expanse
Near council world
Imploded by chain reaction
<Unnamed> Sphere, Delphic Expanse
Neighbour of "Sphere 41"
Imploded by chain reaction

Star Trek Locations: Countries to Cities

Norway, Earth

Star Trek Locations: Others

Lunar One Colony, Luna
Yosemite II Research Post, Earth
Orbital station
Destroyed by Dolim's ship
<Unnamed> Orbital Platform, Earth [ multiple ]

[End of search]