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- Henry Bromel

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The STArchive Search Results

Ships and Locations are current up to and including ENT "These Are the Voyages..."

The search on ""Emissary"" produced the following results:

Star Trek Ships: Expanded - Cardassian Union

Galor Class Type 3 (ST Encyclopedia)

<Unnamed Galor Class>
Gul Dukat
<Unnamed Galor Class>
Gul Jasad
Cardassian Guard, 7th Order
  • ST Encyclopedia
<Unnamed Galor Class> [ 2 ]
Cardassian Guard, 7th Order

Star Trek Ships: Expanded - UFP: Starfleet and Prehistory

Ambassador Class (TNG Technical Manual)

USS Yamaguchi

Danube Class Runabout (ST Encyclopedia)

[ Rollbar ]
USS Ganges
  • ST Encyclopedia
Destroyed by T'Lani Cruiser
USS Rio Grande
(visually verified registry in DS9 "Paradise")
Crash landed on class L planet, 191 hours from Inferma Prime, by hidden bomb
USS Yangtzee Kiang
  • ST Encyclopedia 2
Crash landed on unnamed moon, Gamma Quadrant

Excelsior Class (ST Encyclopedia)

USS Melbourne
NCC-3184x/NCC-3194x (?)
Destroyed in Borg encounter at Wolf 359
(visually identified as this class and registry)
(This ship was shown briefly as a Nebula class in TNG "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II" before its class was changed)
  • ST Encyclopedia 2

Miranda Class [ Refit II ] (ST Encyclopedia)

USS Saratoga
  • ST Encyclopedia
Destroyed in Borg encounter at Wolf 359

Nebula Class

USS Bellerephon
  • Omnipedia
Destroyed in Borg encounter at Wolf 359
  • ST Encyclopedia

Oberth Class (TNG Technical Manual)

USS Bonestell
Captain Kathryn Janeway
  • VOY:Pathways
Destroyed in Borg encounter at Wolf 359
  • Omnipedia
USS Cochrane
  • ST Encyclopedia
<Unnamed Oberth Class>
Destroyed in Borg encounter at Wolf 359

Star Trek Ships: Expanded - Others

Ships By Race

Science vessel [ 3 ]
Talarian warship design

Star Trek Locations: Regions and Bodies

Denorios Belt
Charged plasma field
Site of "interesting comet"

Star Trek Locations: Solar Systems

Edron, Gamma Quadrant
Twin companions; ~70,000 ly from Bajor

Star Trek Locations: Planets and Moons

Bajor, Bajor-B'hava'el, Bajor Sector
Rotational period of 26 Earth hours
At least five moons
Under Cardassian occupation for over 50 years
Setlik III

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